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Guided Meditations are an excellent way to begin a meditation practice.
Many people become frustrated with "Eastern" meditation styles because they tend to focus on emptying the mind and freeing oneself from thought. This can be a very difficult task, especially for beginners. Guided Meditation, on the other hand, takes the practitioner on a journey which the mind can follow with ease.
Meditation classes are for those wishing to journey beyond the boundaries of the physical world, or those just needing to relax and de-stress. Mediation guides you deeper into your Self and helps in the understanding of the Divine connection between the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.

I facilitate guided meditations in three ways
Drop-In Classes, Registered Series, or in Private Sessions.

I do not currently have any meditation classes running, but please check back soon.
Day & Time Class Location
None at this time Drop-In
None at this time Registered Series

All of my meditation classes are founded in my usual guided meditation style, but I have explored other methods and techniques... as we travel beyond the boundaries of ordinary consciousness.

Some of the themes and/or techniques that have been explored include:
  • Introduction to visualization
  • Discovering Sacred Time and Space
  • Connecting with the Divine Within
  • Sound vibrations
  • Colour energies
  • Elemental energies

These are four or five sessions (practiced weekly) that build and develop with each session. It is necessary that you be available for all the sessions in order to follow each weekly meditation.

Examples of previous meditation series themes:
  • The Journey Within
  • Meeting the Elementals
  • The Divine Feminine
  • Meeting Your Totem
  • The Collective Unconscious and Group Consciousness

I am also available for private or group meditation sessions. The cost is $50 for up to 5 people, each additional participant is $10. Please contact me for more information.

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Meditation Facilitator
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