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If you have visited before you will notice that I have narrowed my areas of focus.

It has become clear to me that the truest form of my path is Spiritual Guidance. While the healing modalities and tools I have used in the past certainly assisted in this process, I was finding that many who came to me were relying too heavily on these tools without realizing they held the power to heal within. So, I have come full circle. My path started at the age of 13 with the study of Astrology, followed closely by Meditation, Mythology, Occult philosophies and practices, Yoga, a degree in Psychology, and a connection with the Divine...all in an attempt to gain greater understanding of the whole system:
Body, Mind, Soul, Emotion and Spirit.
Spiritual teachings and guidance inevitably assist with healing, but my emphasis is Self-empowerment.

After years of personal experience with the Divine, I am committed to helping others integrate Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit to facilitate their own Divine Intervention.

I look forward to being your Guide.

B.A. in Psychology
Spiritual Guide
Meditation Facilitator
Yoga Instructor
Witch & Priestess of the Goddess

Maple Ridge, B.C.

The Divine lives in everything and everything is part of the Divine.

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